“I’ll never have what he has. He’s just so lucky.”

“The only reason she is successful is because she got one big break.”

Life is full of opportunity.

It’s a topic talked a lot about in Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen’s exceptional book Great by Choice.
One concept they explored was the role of luck in the success of flourishing businesses.

Their finding: luck exists. However, it is not the existence of luck that makes or breaks a company. Rather, success is forged by how well one uses opportunity to his or her advantage.

Do you surround yourself with great people? Do you avail yourself to daily learning? Are you not afraid of failure? Inherent in each of these questions is an openness to possibilities, not necessarily guarantees of success. Chase the habits not the end goals.

In short, the key to luck (and long term success in business, relationships, , Weightlifting, whatever!) rests in your own hands. Never question opportunity. Be thoughtful, yet decisive in responding to it. Luck will not make or break you. Your work ethic and your resiliency will.