Steelworks Strength Systems’ Personal Training client Mark N.  keeps smashing through old limits.

When I demonstrated the Turkish Getup to him about a month ago, he thought I was crazy to expect him to do it!

But after nearly three months of getting stronger and more stable, I knew he was up for the challenge.  We started really simply with no weight at first, a piece of PVC pipe next, and then slowly adding increasingly heavier weight each set each week.  Yesterday, he eventually worked up to 15 pounds.

I like the Turkish Getup for Mark for a number of reasons:  the movement teaches good bracing patterns for the core, develops confidence with hip flexion and extension (a source of weakness in Mark’s right hip…hip replacement surgery has a problem of doing that…), trains the upper body to stabilize and accurately center a weight over the body, and teaches the importance of patience and mindfulness.

Mark has made tremendous progress, but we are going to keep exploring movements and reach the next level of performance to smash through!!  Great job, Mark!

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