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You spend a lot of time mobilizing muscles and fascia, but how much time do you include activation drills into your warmup? While Mike is no old man, athletes who are little grayer in the hair might want to consider including this in their pre workout warmup. For instance, if you have been experiencing knee pain during your weightlifting, maybe your hip abductors have not been primed properly by doing some banded steps to help keep your knees from caving in. We tie a small resistance bands above both knees and step 5-10 steps side to side and forward and backward to help wake up our gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.  Does one side of the low back feel a bit tight or weak? Throw in some suitcase carries to activate your quadratus lumborum to help you laterally stabilize your spine during heavy lifting efforts. These two drills literally take two minutes to do and doing them everyday is just one more way to lessen the chance of injury and continue to train at the volume intensity you need to make gains.