This is Jessi and Sean. They have been training at Steelworks for about a month. After a long period away from any kind of exercise program, they chose Steelworks Strength Systems to get their health back on track.

We do lots of Olympic style weightlifting in all of our programs. However, some people should not be exposed to the full snatch, clean, and jerk until certain weaknesses are addressed (lack of body awareness, mobility, muscular strength and stamina). I love weightlifting, but there are much simpler and safer ways of building strength in individuals who have been inactive for a while.

With that being said, we still introduce components of the lifts to our Masters athletes. This helps build body awareness and confidence with the barbell and takes a lot of the risk out.

Jessi and Sean’s work was to do 2 snatch deadlifts at 3131 tempo and then 1 hang snatch high pull. This complex encouraged the awareness of position and timing of the legs and arms when lifting.
After struggling through the earlier sets, this was their last one and they nailed it!!! Fitness can happen no matter how long you have been away from the gym. Our coaches provide correct instruction and can easily modify any workouts to fit your unique performance and health needs.

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