In all their varieties, weighted carries are simple, power-packed accessory movements that you need in your life.

Yesterday, both of our group programs featured carries albeit with different variations.

Performance had some  “meaty” strength work in the majority of their programming yesterday.  5 minutes of goblet carries was the perfect finisher.

Why I like goblet carries?  They help with poor posture, strengthen hips for running or long walks, and are a great arm burner/swole maker!!!

Fitness has been beginning to learn how to press a barbell overhead.  Their waiter’s walks came after a 1000 m run.

Why I like waiter’s carries?  They are great at developing stamina in the shoulders and triceps, supporting the overhead strength work they have begun to do.  Keeping the weight stacked overhead while walking requires and builds a strong core and general coordination between the upper and lower body.

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