If you’ve ever done squats and failed during your set (which is nearly everyone!), you might immediately think that it’s your legs that need to get stronger.   That’s true. Strong legs make a strong squat.

However a lot of time it’s a weak core that is holding you back.  “So I need to do lots of crunches, right?”  Silly 🐇.  The more specificity we can apply to our variation movements the better.  In other words if you want to get better at squatting, you need movements that mimic the squat pattern.

Even better is to squat but to change the movement in a way that will target the respective weakness.

Enter the box squat.  You can do these from a high bar or front squat position, all depends on which you are trying to improve.

Th beauty of this variation is that it teaches you to generate loads of core tension at the weakest point in your squat (right at parallel or slightly above).  Sit down with a two second pause and then explode up.  Make sure to keep the movement pattern the same as when you would normally squat.  Do not sit on the box and allow your shins to be perpendicular to the ground.  This does not reflect correct squat patterns at this position.

Take a cue from our man Colin H. on how to execute this effectively.

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