Running doesn’t have to suck so much.

One way to get better is to head for the hills!

The first in a three part series about improving your running, today’s video discusses how you can run hills more efficiently.

Hills have tremendous application for building power and efficiency.

Below you will find some sample workouts to build both!

POWER/SPEED Hill Workout
*Find a hill between 20-40 meters in length and steep.

Day 1
5 min easy run warmup, flat ground.

A. Alternating Single Leg Uphill Bounding, 10-20 meters.
x10 Rest 3-5 minutes.
*Athlete hops alternating on one leg continuously up the hill.
B. Hill Attacks, 20-50 meters.
x10 Rest 5-7 minutes. Full recovery after each interval. Sprint at near max velocity.

Day 2
*Find a longer more gradually steeped hill.

5 min easy run warmup, flat ground.

A. Downhill Overspeed Buildups, 60-100 meters.
x10 Rest as needed. Full recovery after each interval.

ENDURANCE Hill Workout

*Find a LONG more gradually steeped hill.

Day 1

All intervals will be run going uphill.

A.  800 meters x 2.  Rest 2 minutes. Jog back to start.
600 meters x 3. Rest 90 seconds. Jog back to start.
400 meters x 4. Rest 60 seconds. Jog back to start.

*Naturally your pace will not be nearly as fast as it would be on a flat all weather track. Focus instead on being consistent with pace on each interval especially as the interval of work and the rest decreases.

Day 2

A.  30 minute steady state on hillier terrain.

*Steady state runs should be run at about a comfortably hard tempo and the pace should be constant from beginning to end.  Finding a hillier route to run, will teach you how to surge on uphills and yet maintain steady state pace.