Got this one from Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain. If you don’t own the transverse plane, you don’t own power.

When you throw a punch or a kick, it’s quite obvious that rotational capacity is demonstrated. Less obvious but equally present, is when you run and lift. Running patterns are a repetitive cycle of rotations. Catching a snatch, clean , or jerk requires a core that does not twist or crumble under load.

Here’s Steelworks Strength Systems Individualized Programming client, Clement, with with some banded rotational punches. A cable pulley machine would be better, but an assistance band will work fine.

To perform the movement correctly, start with the feet square and the band to your side. Drive through the feet as they rotate to the direction you want to punch the band. Fully extend the arm and hip and hold the finish for 2-3 seconds. Perform 10 reps, 3-4 sets on each side.

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