Are you one of those people who loves , but hates weightlifting?  (Why anyone would hate weightlifting is beyond me!…)  It’s understandable to a degree:  taking a heavy load from the floor can be scary business.  It can also, however, be incredibly rewarding.  While the journey of more misses to more makes is a long one,  we at Steelworks can provide you a couple of little tips to speed up the process.  Let’s take a look at the snatch!

For most beginners, there will be more missed snatches in front than behind.  Frequent misses in the front of a snatch are largely due to improper bar path.  The bar is way too far out in front of us as it arrives at the power position and we are left to chase the bar with our hips.  As the hips slam into the bar, horizontal instead of vertical force is transferred to the bar and the weight kicks out away from our center of mass.  Even with a strong finish through the second pull, when a bar has floated out a little too far from you, you’re most likely going to miss out in front.

The videos below reveal a couple of drills which will encourage you to bring the bar back from the ground and closer to your hips, thereby putting you into a much more optimal position to receive the bar as you pull under it.

Part 1:  Engaging the Lats

Part 2:  Changing the Grip

Now, when you , you won’t be so scared of that heavy barbell!  Happy Weightlifting!