We welcome Melissa C. to the growing roster of Steelworks Strength Systems Individualized Programming clients.

Melissa came to us a few weeks back looking for a program that would address her unique condition. Melissa has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which can affect the body on a number of levels. For Melissa, her EDS condition manifests itself in incredibly hyper-mobile joints. It’s a condition that ultimately led her to suffer a severe tear in her left shoulder labrum. She alsosuffers from scoliosis which taken together with her EDS, proves for some interesting programming dilemmas.

Previous trainers had shied away from working with Melissa due to the complexities her condition presents. We are, however, thrilled to be working with Melissa!!! She is incredibly motivated and ready to achieve success!!! After a few days assessment, we began her program. Lots of single leg and arm, pressing and pulling, crawling, and carrying will be the hallmarks of Melissa’s program. The major focus over the next few months:
*enhance breathing technique.
*increase anterior and posterior core strength and endurance.
*improve hip abductors and adductors’ capacity for improved balance.
*improve neck/shoulder stability.
*increase cardiovascular endurance through a combination of low stress mixed modal cardio intervals and long slow cyclical aerobic work.

Stay tuned here to follow Melissa’s journey at Steelworks Strength Systems.