Yesterday’s lifting session saw some lighter intensities on the bar.  As a result we really focused on making the third pull (the pull under the bar) crisp and snappy. Too often we fail to exact the same viciousness on the pull under the bar as we do when we reach full extension during the second pull.

Some key pointers on the transition between the second and third pull:

1. Keep the head neutral as you finish your extension. Throwing the head back and up often results in the feet jumping back. If the bar has been pulled well from the floor and it travels straight up, the chances for the bar to be caught a bit in front will increase if the head is not kept in this neutral position.

2. Pull hard under the bar. Once full extension of the hips, knees, and ankles has been reached, actively pull down on the bar. Do not simply fall under. This will allow you to stay more connected with the bar and set yourself up to receive it in a much better position.

3. Shuffle out hard. The faster the feet move out the quicker and harder you can pull under the bar.