Squats do a body good, we all know that.  But how we squat can affect our body a number of different ways.

Put the bar on your back, on your shoulders or even hold it over your head and you can become strong in a number of different ways.

Control the speed and timing of your squats and you can target some weak points in your performance.

Lindsay is doing front squats with an “unbroken” tempo.  Note how as soon as she hits the bottom and top of each rep that she doesn’t stop.  This keeps the tension on the body much longer and gives the core, legs, and upper back more positional endurance.

High bar pause squats are on the menu for Yamil.  Note how he rests in the bottom of the squat for 2 seconds.  This is a great variation which teaches acceleration out of the bottom of the squat.  If you are a weightlifter who gets buried in the bottom of a clean or snatch, pause squats will give you the confidence to stand heavy weight up.

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