The bench press is a great developer of horizontal pushing strength.  However, if you are looking to transfer that skill and strength to a STANDING position, you might notice limited carryover.   That’s because when standing and pushing (or punching or kicking), the power originates from the legs and core.  Weak core means weak pressing.  So how can we bridge the gap?

Got this one from the masterfully mustached and preeminent low back specialist, Dr. Stuart McGill.

The McGill Press is a modified version of a single arm dumbbell bench press.  Notice in the video, that only one shoulder and one hip is placed on the bench.  This forces the opposing glute, hamstring, and rotational core muscles (obliques) to stabilize the position and prevent the body from dropping to the floor.

Way more difficult to do correctly than it appears.  Don’t expect to be able to do your normal weights in a traditional dumbbell bench press.  You can expect, however, your core and glutes to be on 🔥!!!

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