At Steelworks Strength Systems, we believe that strength is a great gift.

A stronger you means a more durable you.
A stronger you means a efficient you.
A stronger you means a more energized you.

You’ll find that with a stronger and more resilient body, life becomes easier.  With less chance of injury and illness, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love.

It doesn’t hurt that a stronger body burns pesky body fat, too.

(Our clients would tend to agree.  Check out what they have to say about Steelworks by visiting our Testimonials page HERE.)

This Holiday season, give yourself the gift of strength.

To help you (or a friend or a loved one) discover a new found level of fitness, at Steelworks Strength Systems we are offering a limited-time membership offering:

On sale from next Monday December 18 until Wednesday December 20, our 10 Class Punch Card which is normally $180 will be on sale for $150.  Not only do you get a discounted rate, but you also get FREE access to our 90 minute nutrition seminar on Saturday December 30 at 12 pm.

Get ready to purchase your exclusive holiday membership next Monday.  Only 30 of these memberships are available.

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