In most sports, the ability to change directions is one of many skills necessary to ensure victory on the court or field.

However, if balanced fitness is your goal, including change of direction work in your training is beneficial.

Show me someone who can change directions well and I’ll show you someone:

  1. Who has a stable core.
    1. In order to move the legs and arms in different planes of movement quickly, the core must be able to turn on and off forcefully and fast.
  2. Who has more lean muscle.
    1. When sprinting, you generate up to 4x your bodyweight in force on each leg in the blink of an eye.
    2. It would be impossible to recreate this amount of force with a barbell in so short a time frame.
    3. Exposure to this amount of force in this way stimulates muscle growth without the bulk.
  3. Who has coordination.
    1. With little time to execute movement, change of direction drills involve a symphony of action between every muscle, bone, tendon, etc in the body.
    2. For people with “two left feet”, change of direction drills offers an opportunity for the brain to make more connections throughout the body and subsequently improve overall quality of movement.

At Steelworks Strength Systems, we use a variety of tools to help people express their strongest selves. Whether it is lifting heavy barbells or moving one’s unloaded body FAST, we believe that it is important for overall health to blend a variety of “strength expressions” to achieve sustainable fitness improvements and body transformations.

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