Anyone who goes to any gym goes with the desire to have one question answered:
Can I make myself better?

For many people this one question can take different forms:
Can I become stronger?
Can I become healthier?
Can I become happier?

Whatever your goal, the key to your success in the gym rests on one thing:


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we include some kind of pulling movement. Pull-ups, ring rows, Pendlay rows, and even dumbbell curls are but a few of the pulling movements we employ in our training.

On Friday, all of this work paid off for Nadia. This was actually the third chin-up she did that session (I need to be faster with my camera…) Folks, the only way you get better at something is by sustained and focused efforts. Whether it’s a pull-up or writing a book, success doesn’t happen overnight. Simple consistent training might not be sexy and sometimes it can be downright boring, but the rush of satisfaction you get from CRUSHING, DESTROYING, and ANNIHILATING a former weakness is matched by few things.

Let’s hear it for Nadia and her tremendous achievement! Make sure you congratulate her when you see her at the gym again!!!

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