Learn the principles and tools to defend yourself on the street at Steelworks Strength Systems‘ Street Defense Seminar. Taught by National Champion Instructor, Noah Spear (Spear Jiu Jitsu), this two hour seminar teaches you sound movement mechanics and strategies that you can employ to defend against any life threatening encounter. Saturday April 25. 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. $20.   REGISTER HERE!


About the Instructor:

Noah started Jiu­Jitsu in 1996, training under “The Gracie Brothers” the famous sons of the legendary Helio Gracie, and fitness and martial arts pioneer Steve Maxwell. Noah won the first ever Gracie National title in 1997 defeating opponents of higher degree rank and experience. Since then, Noah has been training and competing across America and Brazil refining the expanding on his skills. Some of Noah’s most notable personal jiu jitsu accomplishments include: multiple national jiu jitsu titles, a world championship title, a grappler of the year award, and a VVF super fight, no­gi championship. He is a multiple time world championship competitor, a Pan American medalist, and a multiple absolute or open weight class tournament champion. Noah is also the creator of R.O.A.R. , Realistic Options Against Rage. R.O.A.R. is a highly acclaimed self defense course based on the proven leverage techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. R.O.A.R. instills one with the foundational knowledge and ability to be defensively effective in almost any situation, regardless of one’s size, strength, or experience. Noah has been conducting R.O.A.R. seminars and courses in schools, businesses, and corporations for over 10 years and continues to share his expertise and knowledge around the country.

Noah’s Titles:

* 1997 Gracie National Champ middle weight
* 1998 Gracie National 2nd place middle weight
* 1999 Yamazaki Grapplers Challenge Absolute champion
* 1999 N.J. Quest for the Cup 2nd place
* 2000 NAGA Absolute Gi Champion
* 2001 Pan American 3rd Place
* 2002 NAGA Absolute Gi Champion
* 2002 NAGA No­Gi 3rd place
* 2002 Tatu Absolute Champion
* 2003 VVF No­Gi Super fight champion
* 2003 CBJJ World Masters champion
* 2004 Copa Atlantica Absolute and middle weight Champion
* 2006 Copa Atlantica 2nd place Black Belt – 175 and over
* 2007 U.S. Grappling Championships No Gi Advanced Light Heavy Weight Champion

Championships 1st Place Black Belt Heavyweight
* 2004 Ohio Gracie Nationals champion
* 2007 Grapplers Quest National