If you’ve been to Steelworks in the evening, chances are you’ve seen Steve Maiorino.

He’s the guy tucked in the corner of the gym, lifting (and sometimes screaming!) the big weights.

Steve’s been a member of Steelworks Strength Systems for the past two years.

He tried the group fitness classes at a different gym for a year or two, but realized his goals had evolved.

He came here with the singular focus of improving his Olympic Weightlifting technique and getting wicked strong.

In October of 2020, he started with personal records of 54 kg (118 pounds) in the snatch and 125 kg (275 pounds) in the clean and jerk.


But Steve slowly and methodically honed his technique.  Lots of failures and frustrations early on.  However, things eventually starting clicking.

Flash forward to now.  Over the course of two years, Steve has added 51 kilos to his snatch with a PR of 105 kg (231 pounds) and 23 kilos to his Clean and Jerk at 148 kg (325 pounds).  Even more impressive was that he set his new personal record in the clean and jerk in his first official USAW competition!

What’s the secret to Steve’s success?

The laser focused programming and expert coaching found in our Remote Coaching services here at Steelworks Strength Systems.

Steve’s workouts were tailored to work around HIS needs and goals.  He didn’t follow a mass produced program or workout template.  

Patient and persistent coaching analyzed his lifting every day remotely through video review.  Steve was able to lift and make mistakes, but then be empowered with the knowledge of how to fix his movement to go on and crush PR after PR!

Steelworks’ Remote Coaching is for anyone who has serious and specific goals whether it is lifting big weights like Steve, smashing a 5k PR, or vastly improving key biomarkers like cholesterol and body fat.

You’ll achieve this through custom curated programming, remote video analysis, and live online nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions.

If you are ready to go all in on your fitness, health, and athletic performance, Remote Coaching is for you!

Email Coach Brian at [email protected] to learn how Remote Coaching can help you crush your goals!