Steelworks Online Program

Not local to Philadelphia?

Have a wild work/life schedule that requires flexibility?

Not a fan of group classes?

You have basic or moderate experience with strength training?

If any of these sound like you, our Strength Synthesis Online Program is the perfect solution!

By enrolling in this program you:

  1. Take out all of the guess work about what to do at the gym.
  2. Train at any commercial gym of your choice.
  3. Perform movements that actually produce results.
  4. Have a coach to reach out to with questions when you have them.
  5. Have a dedicated tracking system to record progress and results.
  6. Remove confusion around nutrition strategies that work.

While programs can be personalized depending on goal, equipment, and timeline, there are commonalities that exist in their structures.  These are:

  1. Biologic Boot Up
    1. Focused breathing exercises that teach the body how to expand the ribcage 360 degrees on inhales and open up areas locked in compression.
    2. Dynamic stretches that prep the body for movement across varying intensities and planes of movement (forward/backward, side to side, rotational).
  2. Neuromuscular Sharpening
    1. Jumps, hops, and bounds in a variety of directions and intensities to improve athletic readiness.
      1. Reaction and agility will improve.
      2. Provides insurance against sudden catastrophic injuries.
      3. Nervous system can be activated quickly and as a result mental sharpness will also improve.
  3. Core Connection
    1. Medball rotational slams, throws, chops teach the body how to generate power through the foot, leg, hips, core, and arms as a system.
  4. Anabolic Flood
    1. Large multi-joint compound movements activate a large amount of muscles and result in dumping loads of anabolic (muscle building) hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, etc, helping you not only build lean muscle but also burn fat.f
    2. Key component of body composition transformation.
  5. Necessary Accessory
    1. Using single leg or single arm dumbbell and kettlebell movements to iron out strength imbalances and mobility concerns that larger movements can address.

Each day’s workout should be able to be completed within 45-60 minutes each day.  Every training session will have directions and videos on how to safely and effectively complete each workout.

The program also includes nutrition coaching as well.  A 60 minute nutrition kick off call, followed by a 30 minute call two weeks later.  We’ll work to create meaningful action steps that will solidify good nutrition HABITS through the course of our work.  This is not a meal plan and you won’t count calories or weigh food.

The cost of this solution is $150 every 4 weeks.  Month to Month.  No contract.  This price is guaranteed to only the next 2 people who sign up and then it increases to $175 for the next 3, then $200 for the next 3, so on and so on until we arrive at $300.

Happy to continue the conversation should you have any other questions!

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