For most people, every day is a dance full of boring choreography. Same damn alarm. Same damn breakfast. Same damn soul-sucking job. Same damn passionless relationship. Same gut-wrenching fear of doing something big.

Where did it all go wrong?

If you’ve reached a point where you are fed up with the day-to-day monotony, change is required immediately.

It’s time to Stand and be Counted.

Stand up and declare to the world that you are ready for something different. Let others know you are ready to change and be challenged. This is the first step to growing as a person.

Over 15 athletes here at Steelworks have chosen to Stand and Be Counted. How? They have chosen to do their first competition. No big deal, right? Wrong. These folks have put themselves into a position of vulnerability. They have decided to step out of their comfort zone. What’s more, they have publicly declared to the community their acceptance of a new challenge. That takes guts.

In today’s day and age of online shit talking and hiding behind screens, public actions and declarations mean that much more. Whether it is a competition, opening your own business, or doing something at which other people scoff, it’s time to Stand and be Counted.