Despite what you think about Florida, it ain’t such a bad place. How do I know that? Well, for starters it’s the home of Steelworks Strength Systems Athlete of the Month, TJ Ackerman!

TJ Ackerman, with fellow Steelworks athletes, Donna Bridgeman and Jimmy Grillo, back during our Winter Weightlifting Club!

TJ Ackerman (Left), with fellow Steelworks athletes, Donna Bridgeman and Jimmy Grillo, back during our Winter Weightlifting Club!

Between workouts and during the day time hours, TJ strives passionately to improve the American healthcare system as a manager of Value-Based Programs at Independence Blue Cross. “My goal is to revolutionize healthcare in the United States. It remains a broken system and it is too important of an industry to remain this way. I’m not sure how I’ll end up doing it, but I’d like to leave a positive, lasting impact on healthcare.”

Originally from Tampa, Florida and once featured on Sports Center’s Top Ten…in a cow costume, (“In high school I worked as the Chic-fil-A Cow (mascot). I’d work at various community and sporting events and I made the highlights for winning a tricycle race at a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game.”), TJ has called Steelworks his home for the past seven months. In that time, he has not only seen his mustache grow, (well sort of…It’s almost there, TJ!) but he has also come to really appreciate his experience as a member of the Steelworks crew. “I have yet to experience a workout at Steelworks that doesn’t leave me feeling both accomplished and excited for the challenge. The workouts, in combination with the relationships I’ve made while a member, have led to a very fulfilling experience, “ says TJ.

That experience is based largely on the relationships and community at Steelworks Strength Systems that TJ has made. “I enjoy the sense of community; specifically how everyone pushes each other throughout each workout. It creates this hybrid culture of both competition and support as we labor through each day’s programming.”


TJ tackling some rear foot elevated split squats!

In the few short months that TJ has been training at Steelworks, he has noticed the improvements. “My overall health and fitness has vastly improved in my short time at Steelworks. The workouts present a new challenge each day and I feel that the diversity of [head coach] Brian’s programming has helped improve my strength and cardiovascular endurance. Put very simply, I look and feel healthier.”

Could it be all of those burpees that you love so much, TJ????

For those people on the fence about trying a class and/or joining Steelworks Strength Systems, TJ says go for it! “I would challenge that person to attend just one class. I’m confident that their experience (the workout, the coaching, the culture, the camaraderie) in just that one class will convince them to come back again and again.”

We couldn’t agree more, TJ!!

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