When asked what is one thing that most people would never be able to guess about her, Steelworks Strength Systems’ athlete, Samantha Arlow, says “I’ve got a great shot with the crossbow.” One thing is for sure, folks: don’t mess with Sam.


While she’s not busy target shooting, knitting, taking road trips, or hanging out with her dog, Rooney, this Jersey girl (Southampton) has also become a regular fixture at Steelworks Strength Systems.

By day she is a registered nurse (perioperative nurse in IVF), but in the late afternoon, Samantha is busy becoming a bad ass.

For the past three and a half months, Samantha has rediscovered her athleticism. “I was an athlete in high school and since I’ve maintained fitness as part of my life, but at Steelworks Strength Systems this is the first time I feel like I’m on a journey. You’re on a program here whether you know it or not. This helps to give you purpose to your training, motivation towards goals, and practice towards proper techniques.”

On working out at Steelworks Strength Systems, Samantha thinks that “the training is smart and I always leave in a better mood!” She has also noticed big gains in “strength and confidence in the lifts.”


Last but not least, Samantha has come to notice the exceptional community of athletes that call Steelworks Strength Systems home. “It’s such a great group of people, sense of community…”

If you are ready to take the plunge with Samantha, email [email protected] and find out how you can get started today!