Stand outside of the Broad Street Line’s Fairmount stop and you might just catch a glimpse of Krista Booth speeding out and up onto the street.  What’s the hurry, you ask?  Training with her peeps at Steelworks , of course!  “You should see me speed walk/jog to the train so that I can make the 5:30 pm class,” says Booth.

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Hailing from the farmlands of north central PA, Krista Booth came to Philadelphia years ago for college and never left….though she’s moved twelve times in the past ten years in the search for her own piece of paradise in the City of Brotherly Love.  She enjoys traveling back home to “spend time with my family [where] every minute is truly priceless.”   In the meantime, however, she has found a new family here at Steelworks . “I’ve worked out for many years by myself, and while sometimes I just need to bust out that 3 mile run, working out alone has always gotten old after awhile (for me).”  Krista admits that training with the athletes of Steelworks is a big motivator.  “I consider the members my team; as a washed-up athlete, I value (and need!) the group of people putting in that same hard work right next to me.”

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Krista’s journey has been one of tremendous growth.  “I’ve definitely gotten stronger (physically and emotionally) over the past four months, but I think what stands out the most to me is my drive to get my workout in every day.”  While she admits that she still has much to improve upon, Krista is ready for whatever lies ahead. “My upper body and I have a love/hate relationship, so therefore, upper body work (push-ups, pull-ups, presses, etc) is always extra challenging… But challenge is good because I’m an achiever,” states Krista.

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With some exposure to before coming to Steelworks , Krista was most impressed with the focused intent of the daily workouts. “The first day I visited Steelworks, Brian walked me through what I could expect from his programming and approach to health and fitness.  He delivers on those original expectations every workout.”

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To prospective athletes looking for someplace to take their health and performance to the next level, Krista urges taking the plunge at Steelworks .  “Make the commitment to yourself and just try out a class on Saturday. Stop by at the start of a weeknight class to see what we do and catch the vibe.”

 Listen to Krista!  Come on over and catch the VIBE!  Email Brian at [email protected] to start your training today!