Take one look at Devin Garcia and you’d never think to be afraid of her air hockey skills. “I’m a beast…,” says Garcia.

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You’d also never realize that she is from Indiana, works as merchandise buyer for Deb Shops, and runs a custom wedding dress company on the side (any lucky ladies looking for a new dress?…) Take one look at Devin Garcia, however, and you WOULD definitely realize that she trains at Steelworks .

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Training at the gym since July, Devin has noticed big changes, particularly when she flexes at the gun show. “Ha. I’ve noticed my arms have definitely got a lot bigger and I am much stronger than I was when I first started,” says Garcia. The changes haven’t been just cosmetic. Devin can do handstand pushups and just the other day was able to perform two strict pullups! Just don’t ask her to do bear crawls. “I hate bear crawls! They make my thighs burn and that’s no fun,” says Garcia.

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While bear crawls are no delight for Devin, training at Steelworks has been “inspirational.” “Every time I finish a class I feel more inspired to keep going and learning and staying fit,” admits Garcia. “I like the small class sizes and the other members apart of SWCF. It feels a lot like a community and everyone is there not only to work out, but have fun and if you feel like you are struggling there is always someone there to help you.”

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Devin encourages athletes of all abilities and ages looking for a gym to look no further than Steelworks . “I would say do it! You won’t regret it, especially at SWCF. Don’t listen to anything other people say about doing and how it will make you throw up and the instructors are so mean they push you so hard… It’s not true! The instructors here are amazing and know exactly when to push you and when to make you stop and rest. They are very knowledgeable in making sure your form is correct and you are using the proper weights. I can’t imagine taking anywhere else.”

We can’t imagine you not being a part of our growing community, Devin!

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