When he’s not going to concerts, golfing, brewing beer at home, wishing he owned and operated a record store, and closing on deals as a loan officer at Entrepreneur Works, Dan Samartino is at Steelworks .  For the past eight months, Dan has been a common fixture in the evening classes, loving push jerks (“Who doesn’t like getting heavy weight over their head?”) and hating on farmer’s carries (“I need more grip strength!”).

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What does Dan like about Steelworks ?  For starters, Dan appreciates the amount of attention the coaching staff provides during workouts.  “The amount of attention from the coaches is like working with a personal trainer. That allows me to workout with confidence knowing someone is there to make sure I’m using proper form.”  With the help of the Steelworks coaching staff and LOTS of hard work, Dan has noticed lots of improvements, both inside and outside of the gym.  “In the gym it’s been pull ups. I started out with resistance bands and now I’m able to do strict pull ups for a lot of the workouts. Outside of the gym I’m not sore for several days after carrying groceries or hitting golf balls.  The sense of accomplishment is great when you’re able to do more and more every week.”

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Dan also loves the encouraging atmosphere found in the gym, and notes that it has helped him hit weights he might not have without the support of his teammates.  During workouts, “all of the members pull for each other to do well.”

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Want to a achieve a whole new level of fitness like Dan?  Email [email protected] and find out out you can start your training at Steelworks today!