The young man sits quietly on the bench, eyes calm yet focused.  There’s a gentle aura about him as he casually slips into his weightlifting shoes in preparation for the day’s heavy lifting at Steelworks .  Some athletes like to joke to stay loose.  Others need to get angry and revved up for those challenging sessions.  Cody Goldstein, however, employs a stoicism of which the Greeks of ancient times would have been proud.  Instead of sound and fury, the athlete from Wrightstown, PA is as calm as a lake bereft of a breeze.

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Since September 2013, Cody, or “Showtime” as he is known around these parts, has trained at Steelworks .  A junior at Temple University who dreams of one day becoming the CEO of his own tech startup, Cody remarked that the manner at which he has trained these past few months has been “enlightening.”  “Before Steelworks I thought I had to go all out 100% everyday,” says Cody.  “After following Steelworks intelligent programing, I have made both strength and conditioning gains I would have thought impossible six months ago. Steelworks opened my eyes to a different way of training.”

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The host of new personal records is largely credited due to the attention that is placed on mobility in the Steelworks Competitor programming.  “I used to have a huge ‘butt wink.’[excessive flexion of the lumbar spine when squatting] I could hardly do an OHS [overhead squat] without the weight pulling me forward. After months of smashing my ankles and hip flexors, I can finally squat deep without compromising my positioning. This newfound mobility has greatly increased my lift numbers and allows for better technique,” says Cody.

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As one of ten children, family is important to Cody.  Steelworks has been a home away from home.  Cody likes that the community is “encouraging and wants everyone else to succeed.”  And success is what he has found.

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Cody believes that people from all walks of life and abilities need to swing on by and check out what all of the buzz is at this little ole’ gym in Fairmount. “It is the most intelligent training in Philadelphia. If you join Steelworks your fitness and overall quality of life will definitely improve.”

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Want to train like Cody and discover fitness levels you never thought possible?!   Our next round of Foundations Courses starts this Monday at 7:30 pm and is filling up quickly.  Only two more spots are available!  Email Brian at [email protected] to start your training today!