Bridget McCaffery has been training at Steelworks since April of this year.  Her journey here at the gym has been “educational.”  Training at Steelworks has taught her  “to not give up and build up slowly” and also proved to her that she can achieve any goal to which she sets her mind.

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A web merchant at Destination Maternity, she dreams of one day owning her own business and being her own boss.  She is also a fan of snowboarding (“doing it since I was 7 years old”) and whiskey (7 & 7’s are my shit!).

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Throughout the course of her time at the gym, Bridget has noticed a couple of things.  For starters, she has seen big improvement in her endurance.  “I’ve noticed I can workout longer and harder than I have ever worked out in the past,” says Bridget.  She also has come to loathe pushups.  “This movement is still very hard for me because I don’t have a lot of upper body strength…”

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Perhaps the most positive observation Bridget has made is regarding the inviting community that is Steelworks .  “I love that not only am I building muscle and self-confidence but also I feel like I joined a community. Everyone at the gym has been so friendly and encouraging. It is a wonderful place to be, grow, and strengthen not only our bodies but also our spirits.”

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For anyone on the fence considering joining Steelworks , Bridget has a simple answer.  “You will regret not trying it! Steelworks CF is such an amazing program after you try it and realize the rush of achievement and exhilaration of progress you won’t ever want to leave the gym. For me, in my experience, it has been a major stepping-stone in my progression to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.”

If you are like Bridget and want to achieve a life of health and vitality, email Brian at [email protected] to find out how you can get started!