“Rewarding,” that’s how athlete, Brian Gatti, describes his past six months of training at Steelworks .

“There’s not a single day that I come in and don’t feel like I am put to the test.  Most of the time it’s a physical test, but can also be a mental test as well.  The coaching staff absolutely kicks my butt, but their motivation and can-do attitude rubs off on everyone in the gym.  I may be totally gassed by the end of a workout, but there’s that one little thing that keeps me coming back for more.  It’s knowing the reward for hard work.”

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Brian hails from Delran, NJ and when he is not working in the sales department for the Philadelphia Flyers, he is busy golfing and spending time with his family.  Between workouts and his job, Brian is busy dreaming up plans to open up his own brewery.  (To help him along on this journey, Steelworks will be co-hosting our inaugural Barbells and Brewskis, a three hour extravaganza involving weightlifting and then delicious homebrews courtesy of Brian.  Stay tuned for more info on the event, which will be held Saturday, July 19th).

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Not only has Brian found great results (“I’ve slimmed down and gained some strength”), but he also finds the community a key aspect of the experience of training at Steelworks .  “The results are nice, but the camaraderie of the team is unlike any other gym.  Having your teammates right there pushing you is sometimes the difference between hitting that one-rep max or not.  Everyone gets high fives; even on a bad day.”

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What advice does Brian have for someone who might be interested in starting to train at Steelworks ?  “Just do it!  It will change your life!  (The salesman in me says ‘what credit card would you like to use?’).”

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