Get ready for a new 4 Week Block of Programming!!!

Dive right into today’s post and find out where you’ll be heading in the next training cycle.

Chart shows how each respective day’s training shifts from week to week.

Week 1 Day 1, Week 2 Day 6, Week 3 Day 5, Week 4 Day 4
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Speed, Speed Strength, Maximal
Energy System Development (ESD):  Aerobic

Single leg plyometrics and a return to passive single arm or double arm hanging kicks off the day’s Skill session.  You’ll go slow and fast during the Strength work with some medball chops superset with Turkish getups.  A moderate duration, moderate intensity conditioning session concludes the day’s training.

Week 1 Day 2, Week 2 Day 1, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
Skill:  Reaction
Strength: Speed Strength, Maximal
ESD: Alactic

Great day to work on some quickness.  Lateral oriented 10 m sprints will be featured in today’s Skill session.  Super short effort, but incredibly intense when executed well.  This session’s Strength work will feature two supersets: first, “fake” medball chops with a lateral shuffle to work on first step lateral acceleration are coupled with strict chin-ups.  Second, descending ladder back squats and Spiderman pushups.  Given the high neural demand of today’s session (your brain and central nervous system work really hard during explosive, speed oriented movements) there will be no Conditioning session (the Skill pulls double duty as ESD).

Week 1 Day 3, Week 2 Day 2, Week 3 Day 1, Week 4 Day 6
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Power
ESD:  Glycolytic

Back to upside down balancing during this day’s Skill work.  You’ll be tackling the skills necessary to do some handstand walking.  Paused split jerks will be in today’s Strength work, helping you work on your dip drive mechanics and stability in the split position.  You’ll conclude this day’s work with a nasty “fartlek” style conditioning piece:  2 mins hard of mixed exercises with a minute of easy running.  12 mins+ work.

Week 1 Day 4, Week 2 Day 3, Week 3 Day 2, Week 4 Day 1
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Power, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

A complex involving the agility ladder greets you in today’s Skill work.  Move those feet!!!  Back to the barbell with a clean + front squat complex, followed by some passive hanging practice and core-centric dragonflags.  Today’s ESD will be what I call  “beefcake” conditioning.  Heavier movements usually unilateral in nature (single arm/leg movements).  Muscular stamina is the focus instead of aerobic power.  Come and get a sweet pump!

Week 1 Day 5, Week 2 Day 4, Week 3 Day 3, Week 4 Day 2
Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

Focus on your reaction to auditory stimulus in this Skill session.  You’ll find power snatches and strict chest to bar chin-ups in today’s Strength.  A moderate duration, moderate intensity ESD session concludes the day’s work.

Week 1 Day 6, Week 2 Day 5, Week 3 Day 4, Week 4 Day 3
Skill:  None
Strength:  Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

All aboard the “see saw”!…  Two upper body dumbbell movements will be the focus of today’s Strength work.  Today’s session will be the longer duration effort of the week.  Get ready to settle in, move smooth, and breathe deep!  No skill work in today’s session.