You might be weak, but you can become stronger

You might be slow, but you can become faster.

You might be drained, but you can gain vitality.

A speck of imagination is all you need to reclaim your health and happiness.

Annmarie O. came to Steelworks Strength Systems a few months ago on a mission.  Determined to finally get in shape, she has been walking into our doors almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Since then she has been watching herself slowly improve.  She can run more than 400 meters without stopping.  She has been lowering the height of boxes for her assisted pushups.  She can deadhang from the pull-up bar for more than 10 seconds.  All of these things she couldn’t do before she started.

Today, we had some racked lunges in her program.  She’s been improving this movement as well, getting lower to floor each week.  However, Annmarie needs to blast past some mental and physical plateaus.

To achieve this, we did some assisted split squats today.

What you are seeing in this video is the deepest lunge variation she has ever accomplished!  By using the PVC as an assist, she is gaining confidence and training her brain with the initial patterns she needs to complete the full movement without assistance in the future.

Annmarie is blessed with a free imagination.  She doesn’t let her current limitations or fears of what other people might think of her stop her from reaching HER goals.  She knows where her fitness is right now, but has the vision to see where she can be with the right work outs, eating healthy food, and getting sound sleep.

We couldn’t be more blessed than to have Annmarie as a client here at Steelworks!  Thank you, Annmarie, for inspiring us with your positivity, self belief, and a willingness to work hard!

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