There’s a big difference between “doing something” and “doing something right.”

Exhibit A on “doing something”

Exhibit B on “doing something right”

Take the classic Crossfit lift, “clean and jerk.”  The weight starts from the floor and eventually ends hoisted high overhead.  A seemingly simple task.  Anyone who has ever attempted a clean and jerk, however, will tell you it is no easy task.  While the outcome may be pretty straightforward, the journey to get there is incredibly complex.

Bar close!
Knees back!
Chest up!
Big shrug!
Pull under!
Shuffle hard!
Hard punch!
Reach tall!

The steps to successfully complete the movement are dizzying.  Each phase of the lift must be mastered in order for you to be standing triumphantly with a gargantuan weight stacked above your head.

As an athlete, you must “own your weight.”  More importantly, to “own your weight” is a fundamental truth to being the best person you can be.

To “own your weight” in sport, means to become the master of the minutiae.  The seemingly small details in a lift become your major focus.  In the clean and jerk, did you position your hands correctly?  Do you pull with a tight back?  Are you shrugging aggressively at the top of your second pull?

In life, to “own your weight” means you take responsibility for your team’s poor performance at work.  It means apologizing to your wife or husband when you hurt her or him, even though that person might have equally hurt you.  It means you stop feeling sorry for yourself when things don’t go your way.  It means you stop complaining about how your life sucks and actually take steps towards changing it for the better.

“My technique/life is so bad, I don’t even know where to start.”

The first step to “own your weight” is not forward.  It’s backward.
Complex problems demand simple actions.

Can’t seem to make progress with a lift or movement?  The ethos of “own your weight” dictates that you lift lighter weights until you master the sound movement patterns you will need in order to lift that new PR.  Can’t seem to get ahead at work?  “Own your weight” by evaluating your efforts, not the actions of others.  You can only control your behavior.

“Own your weight” is the cornerstone of our athletic culture here at Steelworks Strength Systems.  Please celebrate yours and your friends’ achievements throughout the month of April with the hashtag #ownyourweight.  If you or one of your teammates demonstrates mastery either inside or outside of the Crossfit gym, please share it on social media and/or on our announcement board.

Unity in Strength.