Our Hands.
Written by Brian Terpak.
Directed and edited by Gabe Coffey ([email protected] Instagram:@gabrielncoffey)

The urge to create has been life long. It should be no surprise then to anyone who knows me, but I LOVE programming workouts and blocks of training. The process is an intellectual exercise unlike any other. It is a perfect blend of logic and science, mixed with art and wizardry. However, every once and a while an opportunity arises to create art just for the sake of creating art.

I wrote Our Hands nearly three years ago and was super pumped to work with Gabe after I found out how incredibly talented he was. Finally here was a chance to breathe life into something that was sleeping on a piece of paper.

To me Our Hands is all about MY journey and THE journey through and weightlifting. It has been an incredible adventure not only of self discovery, but also one filled with amazingly supportive people who have inspired me to build my own dreams into a reality that lots of other people did not think was possible.

I’d like to thank Gabe for helping me make this video possible and all of the people who call Steelworks Strength Systems home. You have made my DREAM possible. Thank you!!!!