When performing a clean or snatch, a certain sequence of joint extension must occur as the bar travels from the floor to the hip.

From the floor to above the knee (the first pull), the angle of the hip remains relatively constant; greater extension occurs through the knee during the first pull.

As the bar passes the knee, the hips begin to extend.  Commonly you’ll see the shoulders starting to travel up and back as the bar reaches this point.

In some beginning lifters who might lack the understanding of the right sequence of using the knees and hips together, you’ll see the knees continue to almost terminal extension with no discernible hip extension; the second pull (from the knee to the finish of extension) becomes noticeably disjointed, with the knees fully extending before the hips extend.

In today’s video, we recommend one simple kinesthetic cue to help teach you how to open your knees and hips at the right time through the second pull.  Check it out below!

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