Super excited to announce the commencement of our next 4 Week Training Block here at Steelworks Strength Systems!

Today’s post is to help our clients understand the structure and theme of these workouts and plan their week’s training more appropriately according to fitness needs and preferences.

One of the newest aspects of this block of programming is the addition of daily “movement skill” work broken up into the themes of Balance, Reaction, and Agility.

The goal of each is described below:

Balance:  Refine sense of movement and stabilize the body in static positions.
Reaction:  Improve speed of response to auditory, visual, or kinesthetic signals.
Agility:  Increase speed and quality of movement from one direction to another.

Workout A – Week 1 Monday / Week 2 Tuesday / Week 3 Wednesday / Week 4 Thursday

Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Athletes are challenged at the beginning of the session with some parrallette balancing work.  Anti-rotation and core stability are the main themes in the strength work for the day.  The session concludes with an moderate effort aerobic conditioning effort.

Workout B – Week 1 Tuesday / Week 2 Wednesday / Week 3 Thursday / Week 4 Friday 

Skill:  None
Strength:  Power
Energy System Development: Glycolytic

Given the nature of today’s ESD work, no skill work is on this day.  Instead, athletes will begin the session with some olympic weightlifting.  The real focus of the day is three-fold: develop lactic power,  improve the body’s ability to use lactate as an energy source, while buffering fatigue inducing byproducts from sub maximal endurance efforts.  Get ready to hurt…a lot.  Not recommended for newer athletes.

Workout C – Week 1 Wednesday / Week 2 Thursday / Week 3 Friday / Week 4 Saturday

Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Speed Strength, Speed
Energy System Development:  Alactic

Speed is really the name of the game for Workout C.  Linear reaction speed kicks off the session. ESD work follows with some Prowler Sprint Pushes.  Super intense, but short efforts with loads of recovery.  Core and upper body vertical pulling rounds out the Strength portion of the workout.

Workout D – Week 1 Thursday / Week 2 Friday / Week 3 Saturday / Week 4 Monday

Skill: Balance
Strength:  Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Athletes will be headed upside down today during today’s skill work.  Sumo deadlifts return to the programming in Workout D’s strength portion.  The session will conclude with a moderately paced conditioning effort.

Workout E – Week 1 Friday / Week 2 Saturday / Week 3 Monday / Week 4 Tuesday

Skill: Agility
Strength:  Power, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

The agility ladder will be the teacher for athletes during their skill work today.  A snatch complex and upper body vertical pulling superset will be a part of the strength session.  The day will conclude with a moderately paced aerobic effort.

Workout F – Week 1 Saturday / Week 2 Monday / Week 3 Tuesday / Week 4 Wednesday 

Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Speed, Speed Strength
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Get ready to get up and go in today’s skill work with auditory stimulus driving the reaction work.  Strength work is a two for one of plyometrics and explosive rotational medball power work.  This will be the week’s longest conditioning effort.

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