It’s finally Fall!  Seasons aren’t the only thing changing, though!  A new 4 week block of programming begins Monday October 9 here at Steelworks Strength Systems!

Read on to find out the training themes over the next 4 weeks!

Week 1 Day 1, Week 2 Day 6, Week 3 Day 5, Week 4 Day 4
SKILL: Balance
STRENGTH: Power, Maximal
Energy System Development (ESD):  Aerobic

While Skill is themed around balance, the entire workout has elements that challenge and develop this skill.  The session kicks off with an EMOM of wall facing handstand pushups and a new movement the shrimp squat, a challenging single leg squatting pattern.  Snatches have been a staple in Steelworks’ program for years, but never really heavy single arm dumbbell snatches.  Challenge your overhead and core stability:  these snatches will be full squat snatches.  Superset with those snatches will be single leg ipsilateral dumbbell bent rows.  Get ready to challenge your single leg balance while pulling.  Strength concludes with back squats and rotational dumbbell presses.  Really like the rotational press as an increased range of motion occurs; more shoulder elevation and upward rotation of the scapula.  The session ends with 8 sets of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off of hollow body rocks.  Very strength oriented day today, friends!

Week 1 Day 2, Week 2 Day 1, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
SKILL:  Reaction
STRENGTH:  Speed Strength, Power
ESD:  Aerobic

Steelworks’ take on the old game of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes greets athletes in today’s Skill.  Two athletes. One ball.  We’ll be working on quickness in response to auditory cues.  Superset with this will be a medball complex involving rotation and a ground reactive element in the One Leg Double Contact Jump with Medball Chop to Lateral Hop.  Lots of coordination in this movement, but a great challenge for the core and hips moving in the frontal plane (side to side). The “reaction to auditory cues” theme continues in Strength.  Power cleans with a reactive start:  One person lifts with a partner who cues them when to explosively start the lift.  This movement was in our programming a while back and I’m really excited to be bringing it back.  If you have problems overthinking your power clean technique, this variation is great as it gets your mind out of the way a tad.  ESD will close out the session featuring a moderately paced, moderate intensity AMQRAP

Week 1 Day 3, Week 2 Day 2, Week 3 Day 1, Week 4 Day 6
SKILL:  Agility
STRENGTH:  Power, Maximal
ESD:   Aerobic

While horrible in name, Skin the Cat is a great calisthenics movement developing body awareness, hanging and pulling strength, as well as improved shoulder mobility.  Get ready to explore a movement pattern you might haven’t done since you were a kid on the monkey bars in today’s Skill.  Strength starts off with some classic split jerks, followed by some work in the frontal plane in the form of high bar lateral lunges coupled with anti-rotation birddog rows. ESD will close out the session featuring a moderately paced, moderate intensity E3MOM workout.

Week 1 Day 4, Week 2 Day 3, Week 3 Day 2, Week 4 Day 1
SKILL:  Balance
STRENGTH: Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
ESD:  Alactic

Among other systems, our inner ear and eyes work together to provide.  After some rotational power work for the core, clients will dive deep into challenging the Vestibular Occular Reflex (a key subsystem for maintaining balance) while in the full running support position during today’s Skill.  A barbell snatch complex is superset with strict chinups in today’s Strength.  Hip stability and strength movements will be superset with battle rope work.  Time for 100% max effort during today’s conditioning!   Don’t worry though, you’ll have loads of recovery so we can keep the power output HIGH!

Week 1 Day 5, Week 2 Day 4, Week 3 Day 3, Week 4 Day 2
SKILL:  None
STRENGTH:  Maximal
ESD:  Glycolytic

Turkish Getups kick off the day’s session.  Today is the nastiest conditioning session of the week.  If you are looking for a burner and sh*t kicker, please do attend.  Moderate duration, higher intensity intervals are the name of the game in this session.

Week 1 Day 6, Week 2 Day 5, Week 3 Day 4, Week 4 Day 3
SKILL:  Agility
STRENGTH:  Speed Strength, Power
ESD:  Aerobic

A return to the agility ladder in today’s Skill. Get ready to move those feet and challenge that coordination!  Agility ladder work is superset with a combo of side to side hops with rotational medball throws.  Hang power cleans from below the knee are the sole Strength movement of the day.  Lifts from below the knee are great for folks who struggle with getting their knees back during the first and second pulls. Nail this variation and it has the potential to stop forward hopping during your power cleans from the floor!  This day’s ESD will be the longest effort of the week.  If you are looking to keep the heart rate elevated for longer than usual and test your mental endurance as well, come on by for this one!