Yet another four weeks has passed and we are on to a new four week block of programming!!! Keep reading below to find out what you’ll be focusing on over the next four weeks.

For our visual learners, reference the chart above to see how each day’s training focus shifts from week to week.

Three things clients will notice in this program:  an upgrade to our breathing protocol, a standardized mobility flow at the beginning of each day, and a marked increase in exposure to olympic weightlifting movements (snatch, clean, and jerk). During our breathing, we’ll be focusing on breathing through different nostrils in the effort to better up regulate the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight “response).  The flow sequence was created to decrease time spent on the warmup and allow more time spent on training.  Based on observations over the last two blocks, more time spent with the barbell will do lots to help clients gain more confidence with these fun, albeit challenging, movements.

Week 1 Day 1, Week 2 Day 6, Week 3 Day 5, Week 4 Day 4
Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
Energy System Development (ESD):  Aerobic

Grab a partner and a deck of playing cards and get ready to put that hand eye coordination to the test!  We’ll hit the frontal (side to side) and transverse (rotational) planes of movement in one exercise during the first part of this day’s strength and then transition to the barbell for a clean complex.  Strict chin-ups will be superset with the barbell work.  This day’s training will conclude with moderate duration, moderate intensity ESD.

Week 1 Day 2, Week 2 Day 1, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power
ESD:  Aerobic

Keep your eyes closed and keep your balance!  We’ll take a side to side trip down the 2x4s training balance without the help of our eyes.  Back to the medball for some rotational power work in the first part of our strength work.  A snatch complex will be the day’s barbell focus.  ESD will feature max effort unbroken work.  Clients will build lean muscle by working to local muscular fatigue.  Not a heavy breathing session, but definitely a workout to get a sweet pump and a nice burn.

Week 1 Day 3, Week 2 Day 2, Week 3 Day 1, Week 4 Day 6
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Speed Strength, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

An open ended change of direction drill greets clients.  Improving reaction and moving in a variety of planes of movement is the goal.  Medball power work is included in this day’s program.  Superset with the Skill work, this exercise will be focus on the core in the sagittal plane (forward/backward).  No barbell work during this day.  Instead we’ll focus on some unilateral strength work with rear foot elevated split squats.  Superset with this movement will be some strict chinups.  This day will feature our block’s longest ESD.

Week 1 Day 4, Week 2 Day 3, Week 3 Day 2, Week 4 Day 1
Skill: Balance
Strength:  Speed, Power, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

Super simple, but surprisingly challenging today’s Skill work does a number on the vestibular-ocular reflex which helps with balance.  We’ll superset that with some single leg backwards rudiment hops, challenging balance yet again but in a more dynamic setting.  Back to the barbell and some power clean and jerks followed by some kettlebell windmills in this day’s Strength work.  Moderate duration, moderate intensity ESD concludes the session.

Week 1 Day 5, Week 2 Day 4, Week 3 Day 3, Week 4 Day 2
Skill: NONE
Strength:  Power, Maximal
ESD:  Glycolytic

No skill work on this day, but some great olympic weightlifting (snatch complex) superset with some lower rep sets of strict chin-ups.  Today will be day to bring your intensity to the ESD!  Nasty anaerobic moderate duration, higher intensity intervals.  Prepare to test yourself.

Week 1 Day 6, Week 2 Day 5, Week 3 Day 4, Week 4 Day 3
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Speed, Maximal
ESD:  Alactic

Fancy some fancy footwork?  You are in luck!  We’ll take a trip down the agility ladder in today’s Skill work.  A unique day to the programming, ESD will come in front of the Strength work.  Given the high neuromuscular and coordinative demands of partner resisted accelerations, will be doing this work first!  Sets of 6 seconds will build chiseled legs?  Come and find out how!  The remainder of the session will feature strength work will focusing on each of the planes of movement.