Woo hoo!  Brand new four week block of training begins Monday November 7!

Keep reading to learn where we are heading!

Week 1 Day 1, Week 2 Day 6, Week 3 Day 5, Week 4 Day 4
SKILL:  Agility
STRENGTH:  Speed Strength, Power
Energy System Development (ESD):  Aerobic

Working on frontal (side to side) and transverse (rotational) movements in today’s Skill work.  Fast footwork and quick core acceleration/deceleration are the name of the game with the two movements in this portion of training.  Following that, Strength will feature the hover snatch.  Essentially a long time under tension hang snatch, each rep of the hover snatch starts with a tall stance, but then lowers to about an inch off the ground in preparation for landing.  This is a great variation to feel tension and develop awareness of how to properly load the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, lower back) in the snatch.  ESD will be a moderately paced Up the Ladder format.

Week 1 Day 2, Week 2 Day 1, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
SKILL:  Reaction
STRENGTH:  Speed, Maximal
ESD:  Alactic

Hand eye coordination and managing ground reaction forces will be the big theme of this day’s Skill.   Dribbling a tennis ball is fun.  Dribbling a tennis ball while other people in class are trying to swat yours out of your hands is even more fun!   This will be superset with some plyometrics in the form of depth jumps to a box.  More important to drop and jump quickly off the floor than it is to jump to a higher box.  Speed of action is paramount!  (If this sounds daunting, worry not! We got substitutions to meet you where you are now!). Today’s Strength work goes out to all of my strong legged but weak glute friends!  Bottom Up Squats kick off this portion of the workout.  This squat variation is great at teaching how to keep the torso more vertical through earlier pushing through the hips/glutes.  Pause pullups superset with the squats to complete Strength.  Today’s ESD’s main feature will be near maximal Airibike sprints for 15 seconds.  Prior to those intense intervals will be some rotational core work and targeted low back work.

Week 1 Day 3, Week 2 Day 2, Week 3 Day 1, Week 4 Day 6
SKILL:  Balance
STRENGTH:  Speed, Power, Maximal
ESD: Aerobic

In the ever continuing journey that is handstand work, clients encounter a new challenge:  handstand plate step ups. Its simple:  With a bumper plate on the floor, kick up to a handstand.  Your hands will be outside the plate.  The goal is to shift your hands from outside the plate to on top of the plate and then return!  This work will be organized in an EMOM setting and superset on opposite minutes with single leg lateral rudiment hops, developing dynamic stability in the frontal plane.  Strength features power clean and split jerks.  ESD will be a moderate duration moderate intensity interval session.

Week 1 Day 4, Week 2 Day 3, Week 3 Day 2, Week 4 Day 1
SKILL:  Agility
STRENGTH:  Speed Strength, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

180 degree rotations with a medball throw?  No, I’m not trying to make you dizzy and throw up for no reason.  A solid movement that challenges the timing of footwork and generating powerful rotation will be waiting for you in today’s Skill.   Two new movements arrive in today’s Strength:  Pelican curls and KB Racked Step Ups.  Pelican curls are sure to be a big challenge for everyone’s upper body.  Too difficult?  Again, we got plenty of substitutions to meet you where you are!  ESD concludes today’s work with the longest effort of the week. Settle in for whole lot of variety today!

Week 1 Day 5, Week 2 Day 4, Week 3 Day 3, Week 4 Day 2
SKILL:  None
ESD:  Glycolytic

No Skill today as we are focusing our energy on the ESD.  Power snatches in an EMOM setting kick off today’s Strength.  ESD is the nastiest and most intense of the week.  Might not be the most complex movements, but guaranteed to elevate breathing and heart rate and make you question why you are here at Steelworks….(come on, we both know you are here to become awesome and so spending a day in the pain cave brings you closer to yourself!)

Week 1 Day 6, Week 2 Day 5, Week 3 Day 4, Week 4 Day 3
SKILL:  Balance
STRENGTH:  Speed, Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
ESD: Aerobic

Single leg plyometrics kick off the class teaching everyone how to absorb loads of force quickly and safely one leg at a time.  These “depth drops” will be superset with a new medball variation teaching deceleration in a rotational pattern.  Today’s Strength features a superset of 1 1/2 chinups and power cleans from blocks below the knee.  ESD will feature a continuously running clock, but split into 3 minute increments.  Moderate intensity is the name of the game!