We are super excited to be announcing the creation of our latest specialty class for folks over the age of 60!

In mid February we trialed a one-time class and the feedback was so positive that we just had to create a standalone program.  Check out this short little video of what are participants experienced in the class:

Check out what some people thought of their experience:

The Seniors of Steel Program begins on Wednesday March 18 and is focused on:

  • Improving balance, coordination, and mobility through age appropriate agility drills and plyometrics.
  • Increasing lean muscle mass and bone density through focused weight training.
  • Reducing excess body fat via “modulated intensity” conditioning sessions.

Each class will be coach led, last 60 minutes, capped at 12 participants, and structured in the following manner:

  1. Breathing Practice
  2. Integrated Mobility / Warmup
  3. Strength / Skill
  4. Conditioning

Participants can expect to lift barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, perform bodyweight movements like chinups, pushups, crawling, jumping, and row, bike, or run.  *Modifications are always available for any movement.

First six people to sign up for this membership will receive a discounted punch card membership option!

If you are tired of the normal gym routine and looking to explore a new and more effective way of training specific to your age, this program is a must!

Interested participants are encouraged to complete the form below!

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