There is a certain joy in discovering that you are able to do something which you had previously thought impossible or very difficult.

My fiancee, Danielle, and I were back home in Michigan visiting my family.  Luckily for us, we had access to a beautiful lake.   She had mentioned that I should try and start adding swimming to my workout regimen.

I rolled my eyes…

“Swimming?  You want me to swim as a workout!?,” I asked incredulously.

You see, while I love being in water I hate swimming as a means of exercise.


There are few things that get me as tired as a swim.

I know that it is good for me, but every time I step into the pool or lake for a “workout,” I tire very, VERY easily.

It’s challenging.  

It’s uncomfortable.  

It’s not fun.

Regardless, I agreed to let Danielle coach me on some of the finer points of the various strokes (freestyle, breast, back, and butterfly.)

After the crash course on technique, I begrudgingly headed to the dark and foreboding waters of Lake St. Helens, awaiting the bruising of my ego and the inevitable exhaustion which comes with me attempting to recreate any semblance of proper swim form.

But here’s the funny thing:  it wasn’t all that bad.  In fact it was halfway enjoyable!

Being an athlete who enjoys the technical aspect of sport, focusing on the improved patterns of movement helped me see swimming in a whole new light.

There is as much technical challenge in a swim stroke as there is in barbell snatch or a muscle up.  With this new found realization, the idea of swimming became instantly intriguing.

When we become adults, we become less and less likely to explore new things, to push limits.  More often than not, the new and novel represents more of a threat to who we think we are.

We don’t like to suck at something.  We don’t like being humbled.

We want to show the world how awesome we are.



Consider this, however:  we become even more awesome when we challenge ourselves.  

When we try new things, no matter if we are good at them, we grow.

When we accept that we are masters of very little in this world, we develop.

What is something that you have always wanted to do, but are just too afraid to try?




I’m sure some of you have struggled with seeing results in the gym.

Maybe all you know is three sets of ten repetitions of bench press and forty five minutes of running on the treadmill.

Maybe you know that there is a better way of achieving results in your training, but you are scared to step out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you are embarrassed with your body and the way it looks and moves and that you don’t want people to judge you at the gym.

If you have made it this far into this post, chances are you might be a person looking for some positive changes in your life.

If this is indeed you, my advice is simple:  never accept that you are done growing.

There are so many adventures, so many challenges in life that offer so many opportunities for you to redefine who you are.

All you need is the courage to try.  

Take it from this landlubber.  You might just surprise yourself.

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