IMG_5140If pain is an argument between our brain and our body, how can we best mediate the dispute between the two parties?

A Steelworks client came in for an evaluation complaining of pain in the lower back when performing overhead pressing movements.

Luckily for clients of Steelworks, we use Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) principles to identify relational compensations between muscles. These compensations ultimately lead to faulty signals between the brain’s motor control center and the muscles. The poor signal results in pain.

We discovered in this particular client that the pain in her back wasn’t because her back was weak. On the contrary, the problem rested in her neck flexors and extensors, right and left psoas, as well as her rectus and transverse abdominus not functioning properly.

Through principles of NKT, we effectively reset the brain’s patterning to the muscles and helped resolve the pain she was experiencing. Afterwards, she was prescribed a protocol of releases and activations to make sure the new patterning will stick and thus remain pain free.

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