What Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is.

What you think NKT is.

Yesterday I earned my NKT Level 1 Certification. It is by far one of the best investments I have made in my continuing education as a strength and conditioning coach. It has allowed to help my athletes resolve nagging injuries and save them hours and $$$$ with doctor’s visits.

NKT is a “sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root in the motor control center in the cerebellum.”
In other words, pain in your hamstring or your shoulder is your brain screwing up the messages it sends to your muscles to fire correctly. Using NKT protocols allows us to reset these signals and then helps restore normal functioning to the muscle.

All athletes at Steelworks Strength Systems have access to this treatment. If you have some pain that is persistent, schedule a 30 minute evaluation during weekend Open Gym hours and stop hurting!

Thanks to Dan Samartino, Tony Meyer, and Darren Portner for helping shoot this ridiculous video.