Steelworks client, Gabby M., had recently been complaining of pain in her elbow when she would receive a barbell in a clean (elbow and shoulder flexion).

Anyone in a serious strength and conditioning program will from time to time suffer pain or discomfort.  Pain can be a great teacher as it helps point to inefficiencies in movement and/or a lack of attention to other stressors in our lives that we fail to notice.  However, to let pain put a pause on your training is less effective than training around your pain.

The human body is incredibly resilient and intelligent; it can find ways to work around movement dysfunction.  With that being said, it will also find ways to work around and eventually conquer pain.  It just must be given the right instructions to follow to get back on the pain-free road.

Enter neurokinetic therapy (NKT).

Using the framework for understanding movement dysfunction/pain in NKT, we discovered that Gabby’s elbow pain was a result of three muscles not communicating with each other effectively.

Upon assessment, Gabby’s lateral head of her right tricep was working too hard while her middle trapezius and brachialis were not working hard enough.

To address the problem, she:

Released the triceps 20 seconds.  Then…

Activated the middle trapezius. Retract the shoulder back and touch and squeeze the bar 12x with 2 sec hold. Then….

Activate the brachialis. Abduct the shoulder about 45 degrees and then flex the elbow with the activating arm’s hand being pushed into the opposite hand. 12x with a 2 sec hold.

When we recognize pain for what it is, our body’s way of telling us we need to move better, the next logical step is to teach it how to do so.  NKT has proven time and time again to do just that.  As a result, Steelworks clients quickly get back to training with a significant reduction in pain or a complete cessation of pain.

This is a treatment protocol that is FREE to all Steelworks Strength Systems clients.

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