We all know that squats do a body good.

But did you know that a properly aligned neck makes the squat that much better?  Let me explain.

If you notice in the diagram above from Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains, the neck is a muscle that is a part of a larger “chain” of muscles, all working synergistically with each other to produce a variety of movements.

When we generate tension isometrically through the neck i.e. squeeze the front of our neck, we help increase stability through the entire anterior chain.  With more stability in the neck, the muscles that help stabilize our spine when we squat (rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, diaphragm) work better.

You’ll see two examples in the video below showing good and bad head position, respectively.

So, fix that head position when you squat and you’ll find that your squats feel stronger!