When she is not busy traveling, frolicking with her two dogs, Bandit and Milo, or helping reform and improve the American education system (dream job is to work in the Mayor’s Office of Education to change educational system in Philadelphia….boy, do we need that help!), Ronit Caplan-Sheets can be found here at Steelworks Strength Systems.


A fixture throughout the week’s 6 am classes and Sunday’s Movement Improvement class, Ronit is your March “Member of the Month.”

After training at Steelworks Strength Systems for almost one whole year, Ronit can’t place her finger on the single greatest improvement she has made. “There are improvements on several levels so I can’t decide on just one. I have a few: overall mobility, increasing weights on all the lifts, and my patience-understanding that improvement takes time and commitment.”


Ronit describes her experience at Steelworks Strength Systems as “motivating.” “The coaches are there to push me to do my best while never compromising good form and the members are there to push and support one another during tough workouts.”

The community of Steelworks is one of the biggest reasons that Ronit has loved training here. “All the members are encouraging and supportive during the workouts, but what makes that even better is that I have formed great friendships with people from my neighborhood.”


Ronit has really learned to love the barbell and heavy weights. Put hang power cleans in a workout and she is as happy as a clam! “I’ve learned what fast elbows means and how to use that in my lift which means [being able to lift] increased weight!” Handstand pushups and pullups , however, are not so loved! “I don’t have either one, although I’m very close to a hand stand. I know I’ll get there soon but the patience and accessory work drives me nuts.”

If you are on the fence who is considering joining Steelworks Strength Systems, Ronit encourages you to take the plunge! “There is programming for all fitness levels. Every move has a modification so you’re never doing something where you aren’t safe. Steelworks’ programming provides a balance between pushing members to do their best and test their limits while never compromising safety and form.”

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