Friends, it’s time to start a new block of programming!  Keep on reading to learn more about where we are headed over the next four weeks and the focus of each day’s training.

Thematic Template

Week 1 Monday, Week 2 Saturday, Week 3 Friday, Week 4 Thursday
Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Power
Energy System Development:  Glycolytic

Today’s session kicks off with some “wall juggling” for a double whammy of improved reaction time and hand-eye coordination.  We’ll dive into some barbell work for the Strength portion of the session, hitting some clean to thrusters. Training concludes with some high intensity moderate duration lactic power intervals.

Week 1 Tuesday, Week 2 Monday, Week 3 Saturday Week 4 Friday
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Speed, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Alactic

Great session for those looking to improve foot coordination, sprint power, pulling strength, and balancing out strength imbalances in the lower body.  Athletes start off on the agility ladder learning proper patterns of the “lateral run step”.  A whole host of awesome skill benefits to this:  basics of safe deceleration, effective change of direction/transfer of force mechanics.  These drills also improve joint health, tissue “stiffness” for improved propulsion and danger avoidance,and increased body awareness and coordination.

Energy System Development comes next before the Strength portion.  However, today’s ESD could also fall into a “strength” category.  Partner resisted accelerations are phenomenal at teaching proper acceleration patterns, developing a killer core, and creating explosive lower body strength.

Strength work will feature upper body pulling and some unilateral hip hinging.

Week 1 Wednesday, Week 2 Tuesday, Week 3 Monday, Week 4 Saturday
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Balance will be improved in a more dynamic setting during this day’s training.  Athletes stand on one leg and catch and throw a medball to a partner who alternates the directions of the working partner’s catch.  Building strong hips, core, and ankles are the name of the game.

We shift to a barbell heavy Strength session, completing both snatch complexes and back squats.

A very core-centric Energy System Development workout concludes the session.

Week 1 Thursday, Week 2 Wednesday, Week 3 Tuesday, Week 4 Monday
Skill: Reaction
Strength:  Speed, Power
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Shifting back and forth between touching a cone and then catching a ball in one hand in a variety of different positions will be greeting athletes for this portion of the Skill work.

Single leg plyo box jumps supersetted with vertical pulling kicks off the Strength work.  Split Jerk technical development concludes this portion of the training.

A short aerobic conditioning piece concludes the day’s training.

Week 1 Friday, Week 2 Thursday, Week 3 Wednesday, Week 4 Tuesday
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Speed Strength, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Alactic

Building on the skill learned from the medball hip turn and throw, this day’s Skill work integrates the pattern into it’s  full expression: hip turn to sprint.  Athletes develop the skill of quickly generating relaxation and then tension to propel themselves from a standing position, rotating 180 degrees and then accelerating.

Strength work takes the athlete to the floor for some piked medball lateral throws and back to the barbell for some modulated tempo front squats.

The day’s Energy System Development focuses on raw alactic power via Airbike sprints.

Week 1 Saturday, Week 2 Friday, Week 3 Thursday, Week 4 Wednesday
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Power
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Athletes head upside down today with some handstand pushups for the day’s Skill work, but the movement is superset with a technical variation of power cleans.

Today’s conditioning will feature a longer aerobic effort, 20+ minutes.  Buckle up….

Looking forward to seeing how everyone does in this new block of programming!

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