Want a great single leg accessory exercise that also builds frontal plane stability?  Enter the Suitcase Box Step Up.  This is a great little exercise to add to your repertoire of strength.

Why I Like this Movement:
Not only does it help even out strength imbalances in the major movers of the quads and glute max, but it also helps build those frontal plane stabilizers (quadratus lumborum QL and your glute medius and glute minimus).

To perform the movement, hold the kettlebell in the hand opposite from the leg you are using to step up (right hand, left leg).  Step up and down with the same leg until all reps are completed.  Switch arms/legs and repeat.

Key points:

  • Step up with a tall, rigid torso.  The contralateral nature of the load will try to pull you to the side as you stand up.  Fight that force.
  • Neutral knees.  If you notice that your knees go valgus (bend excessively inward), reduce the weight to the point where your knee remains in line with your foot as you step up.  Slowly increase load each week making sure to keep your knee stable as you step up.

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