Not quite what we had in mind….

You want a challenging workout, but working out indoors isn’t something for which you are ready.

You can work out by yourself, but you’d rather have your friends to train with.

You want expert coaching and guidance while you train, but you can’t find an instructor close enough to you.

If any of these dilemmas are plaguing your fitness routine, Steelworks Strength Systems has the perfect program for you:  The Steelworks “Bubble” Workout.

And no it doesn’t involve working out in bubbles….

With COVID-19 still very present in our lives, we understand that a lot of folks might be leery about returning to an indoor training environment.  The Steelworks “Bubble” Workout brings the gym experience to you, your friends, and family i.e. people in your “bubble.”

How it Works
First, you will schedule a 10 minute phone call with Steelworks Owner and Head Coach, Brian Terpak.
During this conference you will work together and:

1.Determine how many people will be attending the session.  We recommend no more than 8 people to ensure quality instruction.
2.  Identify the workout preferences, training limitations, and health and performance goals of you and your group.
3.  Choose a location to host the workout.
4.  Have a great workout!

What You Can Expect in a Bubble Workout
On average, a bubble workout will feature body weight movements,  kettlebells, dumbbells, medballs, jump ropes, and gymnastics rings.

You’ll use these tools in a variety of ways to build lean muscle, develop explosive power, increase muscular stamina, boost cardiovascular endurance, and optimize fat burning.

Sessions will last sixty minutes and involve a warmup, a strength session, and a conditioning session.  Social distancing measures and appropriate equipment sanitization practices will be employed.

Given that you will also be working out with people in your own family and/or trusted social circle, you can workout with less stress and fear and allow yourselves to reap the full rewards of your training.

Cost of the Program
1 session:  $80
5 sessions:  $350
10 sessions:  $600

These prices reflect the TOTAL cost of the session(s) not what each INDIVIDUAL is required to pay.  For example, you schedule one session with seven of your friends/family.  If split evenly, that means that each participant would pay $10.

Appointments are first come first serve.

If you are ready to schedule your 10 minute consultation, please click HERE.