Grace explains why she likes to lift (squatting in particular) heavy.

Common complaints I hear about lifting heavy from women:

“I’m afraid of getting bulky.”
“I just want to get toned.”
“I don’t want to get hurt.”

Ladies, your fear of the barbell is unwarranted. The steel could be your greatest friend on the road to transforming yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Stop listening to all of the hacks out there who tell you what a healthy woman should look like.

Take Grace for instance. She has been training here at Steelworks for about 5 months now. She lifts heavy all of the time. Does she look “bulky”? On the contrary, I see a vibrant young lady! Most women don’t have the physiology to become overly muscular. They just don’t have enough testosterone required to build muscle as dense as a man.

Toning a muscle happens only when it gets stronger. You can do air squats and pushups until you are blue in the face, but the hormonal and neuromuscular changes that are required to help you lose weight and “tone” your muscles occur most effectively by lifting heavy things and lifting them often.

If you are afraid of getting seriously hurt by lifting heavy, it’s probably because no one has ever given you proper instruction. Seriously, come on over to Steelworks and meet our welcoming and supportive coaches and athletes. Learn how to move efficiently, test your fitness in a safe but challenging environment, and have lots of fun in the process. I promise you that your body and soul will be transformed.

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