“I’m not a weightlifter.”

“I’m not a runner.”

“I’m not a ‘gym person.'”

The great French philosopher Rene Descartes once said, “I think therefore, I am.”  A powerful affirmation of the existence of human consciousness, thinking complex thoughts is what makes us human.

However, some of the thoughts we think can be limiting and downright obstructive towards us achieving our highest potential.  Labels, that we attach to our identity,  are such thoughts.

Labels are psychological shortcuts.

If we label ourselves as our jobs, we can either empower ourselves (I am a CEO of a company and people must obey my commands.) or we can feel less about who we are (I am an employee who stocks shelves all day).

The same goes if we label ourselves based on what our bodies can or can’t do.

I’ve heard from countless people that they need to get in shape BEFORE they can start training at Steelworks….  HUH?  Steelworks is a place that effectively and safely helps people achieve new levels of fitness and vitality.  Why wait?

I think a lot of this hesitation stems from the preconceived labels that some people have placed on themselves.

“I’m not an athlete, gym person, health nut, fitness fanatic, etc.  Steelworks is for those types of people.”

Steelworks Strength Systems offers a variety of strength and conditioning experiences for people of all types of fitness levels.

Notice how I didn’t say that it is for the “elite” or “athletes”?

I don’t care if you think you are “A weightlifter” or “AN athlete.”  Conversely I don’t care if you think you aren’t one, either.

I don’t care because I believe people are more than just their labels.  I’m less concerned about who you “think” you are.  I’m more concerned about “how” you are.   Are you a kind person?  Are you supportive?  Do you try your best?  Are you open to change and ready to grow?


Stop limiting yourself with the labels you have created and recognize you are so much more than the job you have, the stuff you own, and what you think your body can or can’t do.  When you shed your story, that’s the moment exciting possibilities begin enriching your life.

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