The quest to attain a new level of health and athletic performance can be daunting.  For many of us, we’ve done the treadmill.  We’ve spent hours benching and doing curls. We’ve spent days, weeks, and months alone while we attempt to improve ourselves, usually with very few results to show for it.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Steelworks is coming to Brewerytown (2601 W. Girard Ave.) in early September!

Join The Union of Steel and start building a stronger and healthier you!


Our programs work.  Guaranteed.  Now…it’s time to find out for yourself.  The Union of Steel is just one more reason to start today!

The Union of Steel is a special one time training package.  Purchase one of our 3, 6, or 12 month training packages before August 27 and you’ll receive the following:

  1. Free or reduced rate introductory Foundations Course.  The Foundations Course is three one hour long sessions where we teach you how to move safely and effectively  and introduce you to basic nutrition and mobility principles.  At the end of each of these classes, you’ll get to test out a short sample workout.  First 15 folks who sign up get this FREE!  Second 15 receive a 50% discount.
  2. A free 30 minute personal training session.  Want to create a custom nutrition plan?  Struggling to get that first muscle up?  Need to improve your olympic lifting?  You and a trainer work together to address your individual concern.
  3. Unlimited entrance into our Active Recovery Class for Athletes.  ARCA is one hour of guided mobility work.  We focus on unlocking restricted tissues (fascia, muscle) to help keep you injury free and improve your performance.
  4. Two free admission tickets into specialty seminars.  
  5. A custom, bad-ass, limited edition Union of Steel t-shirt.

With a cumulative savings of nearly $800, this is a one time deal that you do not want to pass up!

Act NOW!

Only 30, 29 28 27 26 25 packages are available!

This specialty membership deal ends Wednesday August 27 at 9:00 pm.

Click HERE and purchase the membership package that works best for you!

Hear what our clients are saying:

Cody Goldstein

photo 2

“After following Steelworks intelligent programing, I have made both strength and conditioning gains I would have thought impossible six months ago. Steelworks opened my eyes to a different way of training.”

Bridget McCaffery

photo 4

“I love that not only am I building muscle and self-confidence but also I feel like I joined a community. Everyone at the gym has been so friendly and encouraging. It is a wonderful place to be, grow, and strengthen not only our bodies but also our spirits.”

Nick Marchesiello

photo 5

“Steelworks is a fun, tight knit community that supports it’s athletes and their goals. Whether you’re trying to qualify for the [] Games, or simply land that first strict pull-up, the support and coaching remain consistent.”

 Branden Jenkins

photo 1

“This gym will make you a stronger person, in and out.” 

Lindsay Schoonmaker

photo 1

“My whole day is significantly better if I start the day at Steelworks CF.  It is fun and I feel better about myself–happier and healthier–since I’ve been doing it.  There are all types of people at the gym and [head coach] Brian [Terpak] finds a modification appropriate for everyone.  He pushes you when you need to be pushed and accommodates your workout when necessary.  I never feel in danger of getting hurt the way you hear about some workouts, but I am constantly surprising myself in my improvements.” 

Click HERE and purchase the membership package that works best for you!

For all other questions and inquiries, contact Brian Terpak, owner at:

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  434.770.6675